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alt text Smoll fox, with help of birb, learing things. alt text

I maked this. ^-^

About me:

I’m a pansexual poly furry who’s fursona is a purple fennec fox and who’s pronouns are she/her. I love stuffed animals and all other manner of cute things, I’m kind of a dork, and I have an anxiety disorder.

If you wanna follow me on twitter its:

Fanfalla’s twitter

alt text Though, I’ll warn you, most of the stuff I share is leftist retweets and memes. alt text

Also, in case it’s not obvious, I am hella 420 friendly and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind on this.

Spooky weed skeleton

rotating water pipe

I’m also an ecclectic Pagan with my main inspirations drawing from Wicca, but also witchy shit is just fun.

magic tiger

Dark Secrets?

Thank you for looking at my derpy, learning process.